Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting settled.

Once again. I didn't type. haha.
I talk sooo fucking much sometimes. I need a ballgag!


Anonymous said...

You look so happy! I'm excited for you and I look forward to supporting you throughout your career moves.

marta.schluneger said...

ha! I miss you!

Avalon said...

Argggh, I wrot a response and it didn't work. Awww, So great to get an update! Reading your entries are amusing enough, but your little Vlogs add that much more! You have these little characteristics when you talk, quirks, for lack of a better word, they're adorable! You seem oh so happy! I'm so excited for you!!!! Glad you're doing alright! I'm sure you can get used to the being alive earlier.. I'm not good at that.. at all. Haha Wow, you're not kidding about the makeup... I saw your first kit.. and I know that is only the beginning! Good lord, You're going to kick ass there! It's you so I know you'll have a ton of fun! Yay! So excited for you! Glad to hear that you're settling in nicely!!

Take care!


valerie said...

what school are you attending? i want a wall of make up hahaha