Monday, September 5, 2011

Custom designs


I decided to blog about a great custom hat that I made recently. I usually only put out 1 photo of the hat for everyone to check out but this time I want all the angles covered.
This is a black satin round pillbox hat. I attached a 10 1/2 inch black ostrich feather and a bundle of smaller black feathers to the back seam of the hat. I used both a machine and very intricate hand stitching on this. (as I do for most hats and fascinators.) To make the back of the hat just a tiny bit more cute I made a chartreuse small bow. I used some very beautiful emerald green VINTAGE birdcage veiling to sweep across the face. The lining is made of a great green cotton material with black multi-sized black polka dots. Black grosgrain ribbon lines the inner rim of the opening. A very small elastic strap is sewn into the inside of the lining so the hat may attach to the head with ease and disappears into the hair.

I find that making custom hats gives me great satisfaction. I also make custom hair bows and headbands. If you have an idea for anything or see something of mine that you would like in a different color, either contact me via my ETSY shop or shoot me an email at .



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