Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anti-VD show in KC 2/13/09

Well, I was waitng to post about this show in hopes that I would have a video to share with everyone that reads this...but alas, I do not have one yet. So I will post that later if/when I receive one.
I headed up to KC again for a really wonderful show that I was invited to perform in by Miss Lucky DeLuxe when I was doing life modeling for Dr. Sketchy's.
Once again I drove 4 hours (this time ticket free, thank the fuck Christ!!).

I arrived at John's loft where I am always greeted with kindness and hospitality. As soon as I got there I enjoyed a lovely hot cup of Earl Grey and relaxed from the drive.
But not for long.
Seeing how my hair is now mermaid long, it takes me FOREVER to curl it.
I had to start almost right away so that I could look fabulous for the show that evening.
After putting my Burlesque drag make-up on and my hair in curls, with my suitcase packed for the show, John and I went out and enjoyed a yummy meal from a great little Mexican place not to far from the loft.
Arriving at the show after dinner, I went up stairs to meet all the performers involved in the show.
I must say that one of my favorite parts of performing is the backstage debauchery before the show.
Seeing everyone transform into their stage personas is really fun.

During the show I stayed off to the side of the stage so that I could watch everyone perform.
I was really delighted with the cast from KC. Everyone was very entertaining. The crowd was super into it. They LOVE seeing a good Burlesque show!! I mean, who doesn't??

Finally it was my turn to perform. Backstage I was kind of nervous because I had never danced on this stage before.

The moment I step foot on to the stage, it is like I am possessed. I have no controll over what Kira Von Sutra does. (she can be quite that bitch sometimes! HA!)
I performed my Heartbreaker act by Led Zeppelin again. Appropriot for the Anti-Valentine's day theme. When it came time to take off my black corset...well, lets just say I hit a little snag.
I rememeber turning around and saying a little prayer to whom I refer to as the "Burlesque Gods."
"Dear Burlesque Gods, PLEASE do NOT leave me standing here with this corset half off."
In my pleade, they granted my wish.
The corset came off at a really wonderful moment and I went right on with my act.
Infact, I think I went a little bit crazy. I ripped my heart in half and with some influence from Kitten DeVille and Cardinal Cyn, I shimmied my ass all over the fucking place! I fell to my knees and shook on the floor!! I threw glitter EVERYWHERE. I SMASHED my martini glass!
K.V.S. threw a fucking fit!

After I got off stage and made my way threw the crowd, I was stopped by so many people. They were telling me how inspiring my act was. Woman told me that after seeing my performance, they now want to dance and perform!
I couldn't believe it. Even after my struggle with the corset people still loved it!

All in all I had a really wonderful time in KC.
I always do.

If I recieve that video of my struggles/fit on stage, I will post it.


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Avalon said...

Wow, that sounds like you had yet another amazing experience! Your fit sounds awesome, can't wait to see the video! Badass!