Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dr Sketchy's KC

On Feb 1st I drove to KC to model for Dr Sketchy's. I was a little skeptical because I have not done life modeling in some years. After getting a speeding ticket and finding out that my tag was expired (d'oh) I found my way to the warehouse. John let me in. The loft they have there is AMAZING. Needless to say i am VERY jealous of it. It is huge. I got ready as guest started to arrive. My first outfit as my Kira Von Kitty was a hit! It was flattering just sitting there as people drew me. Some of the artists gave me their work. I had to choose my favorite drawing. It was terribly difficult! There were sooo many good ones.
During one of my 30 min poses i fell asleep on a mound of red plush pillows.
I rememeber thinking to i naked?!? Did i put clothes on?? hahaha.
I was only wearing my flower shaped rhinestoned pasties and a blue thong made for me by one of my best friends and designer S. Rose.

The bartender there created a drink in honor of my green obsession called the KiraSutra-tini!!
They made it with Absenth and some other crazy booze that im not quite sure about.
I tasted it. Thing was strooong!
I should get the reciepe and post it so everyone can try it!
By the end of the evening John made me a lovely Italian dinner, watched Pineapple Express and went to bed.

My whole exsperience was really wonderful. I'm very glad i did it!
Lucky DeLuxe asked me to come perform with them for their Anti-Valentine's day party on Friday the 13th. I accepted and will be back in KC in hopes to wow and gain some new fans.

Here are a couple of photos shot by John Baker.



Avalon said...

Wow, that's super awesome. I'm so horrible at drawing from life recently.. It's been nothing but pictures lately... that's just amazing what some people are capable of. Sounds like an awesome adventure!

Cleopatra said...

That is a great hat! Where are you going to go to make up school at? I Wish I could go to Make Up For Ever's school in France. I love my red eyeshadow from them. The new MAC eyeshadow trio called Danger Zone looks really bad assed! Check it out.