Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It has been a while.

Man o man, I have not posted in a long time. I have done sooo many things that I don't even know where to begin.
I have been to KC..Dallas, and Brooklyn since I last posted.
NYC was AMAZING. I stayed with one of my best friends and designer, S. Rose.
She rules my fucking face off. I met some great people there. Went to the natural history museum and saw metal as fuck dinosaur skeletons.
I went and visited the store of The Baroness, an incredible latex designer. (have great things being made!!)
I went to a Burning Angels porn party.
I visited the most metal bar in the country. Duff's in Brooklyn.
I shot with a photographer named Grant Howe for

I am about to take a trip to L.A. to do many, many things in a very short time.
I have 2 shows in Hollywood (see my calendar on myspace).
I have 2 latex photoshoots.
I fully plan on going to BatsDay at DisneyLand on May 2nd.
I am visiting my school to take a tour and get everything squared away with my applications and living situation.
I obviously need to find a place to live around the Burbank area...

I am about to open a very new, exciting, and busy chapter of my life.
I am ready.
I am ready to start living for me.
I am ready to start pursuing my dreams to an obsessive point.

I am on the look out for someone to start helping me with
I already have the domain, I just know fuckall about web design and whatnot.

My little sister was in the hospital for a very very very long time.
It was super scary. I didn't have time for much, so as you can time to sit and type this out wasn't in the cards for a while.
but now..
Are you excited??
Fuck knows I am!

I have a really great feeling that the path I am about to take is the right one. On many different levels.

I was just going threw loads of old photos of me.
Photos of the beginning of my discovery of Burlesque and modeling.
I have come pretty damn far (as far as I could in Tulsa.)
Now I am L.A. bound.

Stay tuned for shit to come.

Same BAT stations, Sams BAT channel.
I leave you with a photo of a glorious hat S. Rose made for me.

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