Monday, March 16, 2009

Shooting in Dallas

I am sitting in my friends chair in Dallas watching [adult swim].

I shot with two really wonderful photographers this weekend.

Friday night I shot with Miss Missy Photography.

When I arrived I was greated by the ever so lovley make-up artist, Deja. Quickly we found out that we have a mutual friend in Tulsa and that we both have an ever lasting love for METAL.

I will say that Deja is my new favorite MUA! She was so funny and talented. She really played on my purple and green obsession!

Miss Missy was absolutely adorable!! I found working with her was so natural. It was like we have worked together a thousand times!

I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a shoot with Courtney Crave and Athena Fatale!

We did a vintage bondage set with some cards and some martinis!!

I cannot wait to share these shots with people but I hear a rumor of it ending up in a magazine so I cannot! Muhahahahaha. Keep your eyes peeled!!

On Saturday I shot with Roy Varga and his team! I have worked with Roy before so I was really excited to shoot with him again. His photos are always so crisp and vibrant. I am HUGE on color and he knows it!! :)

These shots may also end up in some magazines so I cannot share a peek either!!

Sorry I am not sorry! hahaha

This weekend has really made me feel accomplished. I think I am finally starting to feel like a model as well as a performer.

Today was "Sunday funday" with my friend Cody. We went downtown to the Dallas Museum of Art. We were wrangled into waiting in lines all over the fucking place to see a crappy "King Tut" exhibit, which was fucking 70 bones, mind you!!!

The King Tut bullshit was soooo crowded that it was difficult to see the interesting bits. Fat men were not paying attention to where they were backing up and kept stepping on me!
Children were everywhere. *shutters*

My favorite parts were the Egyptian headrest and still born coffins adorn in spells from the Egyptian Book of the Dead!

We ventured out into the rest of the museum after and found this strange room that had lights in it that removed all color. It was soooo fucking strange. My emerald hair just looked completely black. My hooker red lips looked black also! There was no color in my tattooes. Everything was just shades and values. It kind of made me sick to my stomach a bit.

You know those amber colored sunglasses that make everything that ugly shade or orange??

That was what it was like...but more intense.

Here is a picture that Cody took of me in that colorless world...
Tomorrow I have to drive my happy ass back to Tulsa. Yay.


Avalon said...

That's so awesome that you can connect and be so in sync with someone. Those shoots sound amazing!! I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I'd be hella psyched to see you in a magazine, that's a more exciting way to see new pictures, right!? Like I said before, you're really growing into your own, especially lately!!

Aw, I love Art Museums. I had no idea that the Tut exhibit was so crappy! I had been told to see it.. sounds kinda... meh.. But yeah, that colorless room is nuts! I couldn't take that! So weird. Neat pictures, though, just so strange to see you without color. It's something that everyone expects and likes and such.


Have a safe trip back to Tulsa!

xoxo. Avalon.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people whose bones are on display. I wouldn't want my bones on display...that is why I think i want to be that no curious looky-loos can come dig up my bones and puzzle them together and come up with how I lived my life/died. or look at my teeth and figure out what I ate and how hygienic I was/was not. I know that wasn't the point of this blog..but it's something I feel passionately about. TTYL

KiraVonSutra said...

Dear Anonymous,
I think it would be rad if someone dug up my bones!! If they wanted to try to figure out how I lived and what I ate in order to teach people about the way we live now, then rock the fuck on!! I guess I am morbid but I will be dead so it will not bother me any!