Friday, May 8, 2009

My trip to LA

I am sitting at my friends house in Studio City, Ca.
I have had one of the most busiest visits EVER here.
I arrived on the 30th of April and I am here until the afternoon of the 10th.
The first Sat night that I was here I attended the Bettie Page art opening by the famous pinup artist OLIVIA with my good friend Jewel of Denile. The night was NUTS!!! I think I might end up in the documentary that they were making about Bettie Page. Jewel and I were both interviewed about what Bettie means to us and how she has affected our lives.
So far I have had 1 failed attempt at a shoot (due to a fucked up zipper and a fucked up camera) with JMV photo. 
2 completed shoots with JMVphoto and Ama Reeves. Both really great latex shoots. 
2 completed shows. One at the Monday Night Tease and one at a fundraiser for Latino children with cancer.
Both shows were successful! I would like to thank my wonderful friend and fellow Burlesque dancer LA CHOLITA for hooking me up with both of these shows.
I really loved the Monday Night Tease and I cannot wait to perform there again.

I also had a visit/tour with the Westmore Makeup Academy in Burbank. 
I am fucking ridiculously happy about this school. 
I am still squaring everything away with them and my apartment but basically everything is a done deal. Just need to sign my lease and send in the paperwork.
I will be moving to Studio City mid to late July of 2009.

I will say, the LA traffic is fucking retarded and the amount of fake tits and other body parts here is hilarious but I feel this move will be a  suuuper good one for my career and life.
I cannot wait to start creating gore and costumes. AND gory costumes!! 

I feel positive that everything is falling into place.




marta.schluneger said...

Kira! I'm so glad you are having a fun time, and am totally excited that things seem to be happening for you. I am also happy to know you aren't moving til mid-late July, so I can see you when I come through T-Town at the beginning of July. Will be there the 5th and then stay for 3 to 4 days, so don't move before that! I miss you loads and can't wait to see all the gore a la Kira that is to come!

Jake said...

Adorable as usual - of course you move to SoCal just before I move to NoCal. Typical.