Saturday, January 8, 2011

MissFit Photo.

Yesterday I did a very fun and refreshing photoshoot with MissFit Photo.
When I get a chance to work with Kitty I always have a great time. WE laugh hysterically and share stories while getting lots of work done at the same time.

The beginning of my day was a bit rough.
If you follow me and pay attention you may notice that I have a hard time sleeping normally. If I have to wake up earlier than I do on a regular basis I don't sleep because I am so paranoid about waking up and getting everything done on time. THEN driving in LA and making it as promised. (which tends to be a bitch in Los Angeles.)
Anyhow, I packed all my things..or so I thought..and made it to Kitty's only 5 mins late!
I plop myself down on her floor and begin to unpack my bag of goodies to discover that I FUCKING FORGOT MY BAG OF MAKEUP AND HAIR SUPPLIES!!!!!


I freaked out.

(breath deep)

Luckily I was curling my hair and putting on my foundation and poweder at the same time so I had that done when I arrived.
Since Kitty is one of the few female photographers that I have the pleasure of working with she had some makeup on site.
I managed to do the rest of my look with a q-tip and my fingers.
The whole shoot was ghetto style. Clamps were failing so safty pins were used and so on...

Kitty tied me up in several different positions. She even put me in a straight jacket!!
Somehow I managed to make that photo look cute...don't ask me how. Perhaps it was the heart fabric we were shooting against..maybe not.

Long story shorter, the shoot was badass and I had a blast.

I was also informed that she published me in her book "Photography My Way." I am VERY excited to be a part of her visions!!
Here is a link for you lovely people to buy this book:

Enjoy the image above because I did!!!
I added the straigh jacket add for everyone to see! It makes me giggle so much!!
"I am CRAZY in love!" hahaha. Nice!


Anonymous said...

You are still a fucking whore. You and "bf" are disgusting. Oh and while we are on the subject why are you 12 who the fuck says "bf"?!

KittyThePinCushin said...

Hey Kira! Thank you so much for your kind are so much fun to work with. I cant wait till next time!
love and kisses

P.S. thank you for being such a great sport in the ropes :) you so rock!