Friday, February 18, 2011


One of my best friends in the world is suffering from a major kidney disease and is in critical need of a transplant.

I have set up a donation account to try and help her pay for her medical expenses and to put money towards paying for a kidney transplant.

Lately Brandy has been going to dialyses 3 days a week and is only able to work 1 day a week due to sickness, treatments, and doctors visits.

I met Brandy when we helped form Oklahoma's first Burlesque revival Troupe in 2003. We clicked immediatly and have been wonderful friends ever since.

As long as I have known her she has had health issues due to her disease.

This disease is called Chronic Nephritis. She was diagnosed as a child at age 11.

Brandy is currently searching for a living doner to kindly give her a chance at a better and more healthy life.

Please donate to this cause. It is VERY near and dear to my heart.

She really does mean the world to me. I cannot sit by and let her battle this alone.

I made a facebook page for this:

Please add this page and help spread the word about Brandy.

***Brandy's parents and I are currently setting up a donation account with paypal. As soon as the account is confirmed I will be updating this blog with a link to donate to Brandy!

For any questions or comments, please email me at:

If you can donate ANYTHING to help her out, please do.

Brandy, her family, friends, and I thank you in advance.
***For people interested in being a potential donor***
Straight from Brandy's mouth-
"My blood type is A+. So that is the first thing in donating. Once I go to this appt next week i will know more about what potential donors will need to do. Anyone who wants to get tested should leave a comment on here. Next week I can give the number they can call to get tested since they will have to be the ones to do it, not me. People from out of state can also donate.."


Anonymous said...

Please twitter when paypal is set up.

KiraVonSutra said...

I certainly will!!!

kaezam said...

I'll pray for her and would tell all my friends and colleagues about it...thanks Kira! you're such a wonderful friend to Brandy.

Mel said...

I have a friend who had a kidney transplant last fall and he's doing really well now. Like your friend he had been sick for years. So I believe the chances for a positive outcome are really good! I'll keep her in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I would love to help. Can you also post on facebook when it is set up.

KiraVonSutra said...

I will repost everything everywhere when it is all properly set up. Sometimes getting the bank account confirmed at first takes a few days.
Thank you everyone for the caring support!!!



JIm said...

As soon as the account is setup u got my help all the way!!